Leancamp London 2010


Learn from the world’s leading bootstrappers and designers.

For the first time, we’re bringing together the world’s Agile and design-led business leaders, such as 37 Signals, XPLANE and Lean Startup.

In an open-format, one-day event, they’ll share their techniques and experience to help you get your business off the ground faster.

Leancamp is an unconference, an open environment where everyone comes to learn, and we can all offer a contribution. Leancamp is run by the delegates for the delegates.

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How can Lean and Agile help my business?

Most businesses fail because they solve the wrong problems.

Design processes like Lean and Agile have revolutionized the software, manufacturing and marketing industries by ensuring thatbusinesses stay connected to the needs of their customers. These techniques allow you to do more with smaller steps, and make sure you’re heading in the right direction, not just taking a big punt on an idea.

This creates competitive advantages byincreasing your market traction early andreducing your risk.[/box]

Leancamp is an unconference – an open, interactive event.

Not only will our speakers present and run workshops, you’re encouraged to do the same!  If you have something interesting to share, or ideas you’d like to discuss, you’ll find like-minded others ready to participate. Don’t be shy – this is a social event!

We’re also running an ongoing panel talk show, where everyone can join in!

What will I learn?

  • how to grow to millions of customers with small teams
  • how to focus your time on getting market traction faster
  • how to create and evolve your business model
  • how to build repeatable sales & marketing processes
  • how to research and test your idea before building it
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Who’s Speaking?

David Heinemeier Hansson Founder of 37 Signals

Eric Ries Founder of IMVU & Lean Startup

Dave Gray Founder of XPLANE & Vizthink

Nicky Smyth Senior Research Manager, BBC Research & Development

Patrick Van Der Pijl Business Model Generation

Reshma Sohoni CEO of Seedcamp

Christian Heilmann Developer Evangelist at Yahoo!

You! Leancamp is an unconference, everybody is invited to speak or contribute


About Leancamp

Leancamp is a not-for-profit event, organised by Salim Virani and The People Speak, and generously hosted by Great Western Studios.

Leancamp makes world-leading knowledge of Agile, Lean and Design-ledbusiness accessible to UK entrepreneurs. These approaches are creatingcommunities of entrepreneurs who embrace a planned-learning attitude,and pervade a healthy attitude to failure, evolution and market focus.Leancamp aims to demonstrate the UK’s leadership in thisinvestment-friendly direction and strengthen ties between the UK andUS startup investment communities.

Leancamp also aims to create an opportunities by apply designpractices and tools to increase commercial viability. This willprovide competitive advantages for new and established businessesfacing changing market conditions, and create a new market for the UK Design industry.