How would you describe Leancamp? Here’s what Barcelona had to say

A place to meet people, rethink current approaches and EVOLVE.

Eye-opening, expanding, stimulating.

The best opportunity of 2012 and maybe your life!

Hands-on, real, Lean approaches. No filler!

The place where you’ll find answers – the right ones.

I could learn from many different people many different things. There were not only developers and not everyone was from Barcelona, love it!

It provides food for thought, inspiration, interesting people, actionable new points.

Inclusive, friendly “unconference” where you are fast-tracked to Lean Startup principles, including Design, Agile, Customer Development and Validity Testing. Great people, eager to learn. Great speakers wanting to provide value.

I like sharing concepts, and seeing & meeting others with the same challenges.

Relaxed, open and interesting. Everyone contributes.


The only useful startup conference where NEW knowledge is CREATED.

A place to learn DIRECTLY from other international entrepreneurs.

Actionable tools for starting a company.

I love the sharing of ideas, the spirit of the unconference, discovering other points of view and ways to do things. [Come to Leancamp to] learn or know more about Lean from the perspective of different disciplines.

So many ideas, so many great people. Do this more often!

The best idea of all is sharing experiences with people.

A great platform for learning and connecting.

A cool setting to learn from each other.

It was really enlightening. It was very interesting to listen to people from different backgrounds.

I’ve learnt more than I expected.

Innovative and actionable.

Methods that work.

I’m eager to keep learning!