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Eric Ries and Sal Virani in an open discussion at Leancamp London.
An open discussion driven by founders.

David Heinemeier Hannsson giving a talk at Leancamp
Focused session in Rotterdam – Leancamp conversations aren’t about size, they’re about good connections.

Lean Startup done by real founders.

Do you read startup blogs and books like “Lean Startup” and are left with nothing but a bunch of new buzzwords and this weird feeling of “now what?”

Are you drowning in options where to take your startup? Do you feel like your product is missing its big opportunity?

Well… Welcome to the club! You are not alone. We have all been there.

This is why we started Leancamp.

Since 2010 the goal of Leancamp has been to exchange knowledge between people, who actually practice lean methodologies and who made them work for them.

You’ll get actionable feedback on your current challenges and learn  from a variety of disciplines and real-life stories.

Skip the theory and consulting fairytale. We are shooting for practical advice and actionable bits that help you in your daily work.

Leancamp is a multi-track, open space event. You get a say in the agenda, help choosing topics covered and will share your own expertise.
Don’t be shy – suggest a session – everyone is an expert in something.


December 8th, 2013 10am to 6pm
runway 1355 Market St., San Francisco, USA
$75 Regular price: $150


Salim Virani
Founder of Leancamp & Founder-Centric

Salim is building practical tools for accelerators and is constantly on top of new approaches. He is one of those people working on the future of Lean Startup.
Ask Sal about:
  • Non-biasing interview techniques
  • Options vs Decisions
  • Customer Validation
Andra Keay
Robot Startup Evangelist, Founder of Robot Launchpad

Since moving to Silicon Valley in 2011, Andra has founded Robot Launchpad, an early stage accelerator for robot startups, is the inaugural Managing Director for Silicon Valley Robotics, and has cofounded Robot Garden, a space for makers and hackers with an interest in robotics.
Ask Andra about:
  • Robots  
  • Human-Robot Culture Theory
  • Printed Circuit Love
Andreas Klinger
Mentor for Seedcamp & 500 Startups, Head of (Product/Metrics Consulting)

Andreas’ previous startup was backed by Seedcamp, 500 Startups and several well known VCs and Angels, now he helps teams to set up their metrics dashboards and make data-driven decisions.
Ask Andreas about:
  • Metrics, KPIs & Analytics
  • Product Insights 
  • Handling Customer Feedback 
Jeana Alayaay
Growth and Strategy for Luxr

Lean Startup practitioner evangelizing Extreme Programming, UX, Agile, Kanban and Balanced Team methodologies.
Ask Jeana about:
  • Agile and Lean Startups  
  • Lean Product Development & Management
  • Lean UX
Tristan Kromer
Lean Startup Circle

Tristan is the centrifugal force behind the Lean Startup Circle, Tristan’s rolled up his sleeves with founders worldwide.
Ask Tristan about
  • Implementation of Lean Principles
  • Theory VS Practice
  • Enterprise Consulting
George Revutsky
Co-Founder of WishPlz

George is obsessed about eCommerce, PPC and Product Management. He will share his learnings in the fields of marketing, adwords and converting visitors to users.
Ask George about:
  • eCommerce
  • PPC, Adwords 
  • great shopping discounts 
ryan Ryan MacCarrigan
Head of Marketing

Ryan is a proponent of building balanced and integrated marketing teams that work collaboratively across departments, incorporating principles of UX, Kanban and Agile into daily team flow. He is currently the Director of Marketing at Advsor, a company that helps early and growth stage startups scale their operations more effectively.
Ask Ryan about:
  • Agile & Lean Marketing
  • Marketing Team Kanban
  • Metrics & Analytics
Alline Oliveira
Lean Agilista

Alline Oliveira is a senior Java/GWT Programmer and the founder of In the last 20 years, she has programmed, taught and managed teams in various companies including at Qualcomm, Nike Inc., University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Tata Consultancy Services, a CMM Level 5 company from India, and TBABrazil, a Microsoft partner.
Ask Alline about:
  • Scrum  
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Customer Development
Scott Sambucci
Sales Expert, Co-Founder of Salesqualia

Scott helps startups make more money. As easy as that, as hard as it can be. He is an internally known Sales expert, author of several books and TEDx speaker.
Ask Scott about:
  • Sales  
  • Warm leads & Cold Calls
  • Tricks and Cheats for Ms Pacman  
William Pietri
Engineer, Lean Startup Coach

William helps engineering teams to adopt lean startup principles and agile software development methods. His clients include impressive success stories like,, among several others.
Ask William about:
  • Engineering
  • Handling Technical Debt VS New Features
  • Shorten your feedback loops
Nik Graf
Co-Founder & CTO of Blossom

Blossom is the product management tool Apple would have build. Nik and his team focuses on simplicity like hardly any other team. Their approach to Kanban is honest, straight forward and easy to access.
Ask Nik about:
  • Kanban, Scrum, Agile  
  • Product Management
  • Handling User Feedback 


Alex Cowan
Founder of Leonid Systems & Author ‘Starting a Tech Business’

Alex helps non-technical people starting tech businesses. How can you productise your daily work for client? What if you could sell it to people worldwide? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? But where to start? Alex wrote a book on exactly that topic and at LeanCamp he will speak about it as well.
Ask Alex about:
  • Pairing Lean Startup with design thinking  
  • Turning consulting business into products
  • Serial entrepreneurship 
Brian Ardinger

Brian Ardinger is co-founder of The Big Plate, a collaborative community for entrepreneurs and startups, former Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation, and the new Entrepreneur in Residence at NUtech Ventures.
Ask Brian about:
  • Marketing  
  • Usability Testing
  • Customer Experience Management
Priya Sheth
Senior Product Designer at Basis Science, Founder of Be Scrappy

Priya has worked with startups and enterprise to combine business vision and technical considerations into a unified user experience using Lean UX methods. She has incorporated the magic of Keynote prototyping into her process ever since it led to her startup’s first business partnership.
Ask Priya about:
  • Prototyping with Keynote – Web & Mobile
  • Bootstrapping your startup
  • Her sock puppet Graham
David Binetti

David Binetti is co-founder of Votizen, the voter network, acquired by Causes in 2013. David is a six time entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant on the Lean Startup methodology.
Ask David about:
  • Product Marketing
  • Customer Development
  • Early Sales and Positioning


Tristan Kromer

Salim Virani

Andreas Klinger

Justin Wilcox


Ticket prices include breakfast, lunch and all-day coffee!